A video Documentation of Magnetic Street artist Hego's latest works.

In the indigenous heart of Sydney, an up and coming street artist named Hego attempts to tell an untold side of Australian history through his latest work – a mural of an aboriginal soldier of colossal proportions. With insightful interviews featuring direct relatives of the soldier depicted in the mural, local aboriginal elders and activists..



The planned forced closures of 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia needs to stop!

If you would like to help raise awareness of the importance of Aboriginal mobs around Australia maintaining their link with their traditional country please share this video.


Timelapse of the mural Artist Hego (@_hego) did in Meningie, South Australia honouring Aboriginal soldiers from WW1.Part of the documentary Black Anzac by Stationary Movement Film (www.stationarymovement.com) - coming soon!This video is dedicated to all Australian soldiers, past & present who have served in conflicts at home & abroadwww.blackanzacthedocumentary.comVoice over: Luke CarrollPoem: "Black Anzac" Cecil Fisher, 1933Images for mural used from book "Ngarrindjeri Anzacs" by Doreen Kartinyeri) with permission from direct descendents of soldiers depicted & South Australian museumDrone footage by PremiAir ProductionsShot on location in Meningie, South Australia

Black ANZAC's - Mural Timelapse 2015

#BLACKANZAC (Time-lapse at 'the block' in Redfern)

Historic mural '#blackanzac' of Aboriginal WW1 digger
finished in Redfern, Sydney for Anzac day 2014


Hego creates another mural apart of his body of work profiling "Black Anzacs" for the folk band Busby Marou 'Paint this land' music video.

An intimate documentary that follows HEGO, an Australian artist, as he journeys back to America to finish the murals he started a year prior. Murals that attempt to amplify positive messages on the streets of Baltimore & Philadelphia. The messages of Wheelie Wayne & The Positive Movement marching band, as they attempt to fill the idle time of local youth & provide a positive influence to the community.

Put down the guns, pick up the drums. Put down a gun, pick up a bike. 2 Cities. 2 Groups. 2 Murals. 1 Message.


Directed by Matthew JJ Thorne // Produced by Hego


POSITIVE MOVEMENTS Feature Documentary


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